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Montessori Country Day School

The Spirit of Montessori Award 2008 goes to Jim and Deb Radwanski.

When Jim Radwanski found out we were exploring options for relocating our school, he took on the mission as if his life depended on it! Within days we were meeting people throughout the county, taking tours, meeting with legal professionals, attending zoning meetings and investigating possibilities! It is no wonder that we were able to find a home, remodel it up to code for a school, pack up 38 years worth of “stuff”, move it and set it up w ithin a summer!

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t send up a song of praise for the Radwanski and Perrotto Builders as I enter the school each day! Thank you Cindy Rusnak, Director of Montessori Country Day School

Thank You,
Cindy Rusnak, Director of Montessori Country Day School

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